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What Makes a "Best Designed" Car? | AutoLine After Hours

Do you like the designs of the current CTS-V sedan, CTS-V Coupe and/or CTS-V Wagon?* Or maybe the U.S. Presidential Limo
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Do you like the designs of the current CTS-V sedan, CTS-V Coupe and/or CTS-V Wagon?*


Or maybe your taste runs in a different direction and you’re more taken with the U.S. Presidential Limousine.


Besides being Cadillacs, what do these vehicles have in common?

The answer: John Manoogian II, who had a storied career at GM Design and who was instrumental in these—and many, many more—vehicle designs during his tenure at the General.  (He’s now a prof. at the College for Creative Studies, so he’s keeping his hand in the game.)

So what does a guy like Manoogian think are the best-designed cars since 1950?

What does Peter DeLorenzo of Autoextremist.com think are the best?

What doesn’t Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics know about car design?**

Why does your autofieldblogger stick up for the 1992 Hummer H1?

You can learn about all of this as well as why DeLorenzo thinks that GM Design was once the best in the world (seriously: Best. In. The. World.) by watching this infopinion-packed episode of “Autoline After Hours”:


*Word is that if you like the Coupe or Wagon, you’d better go out and get one soon because the forthcoming CTS—which will be revealed this week at the New York Auto Show—may not have a Coupe of a while and a Wagon for a lot longer while (a.k.a., “possibly never”).

**Probably nothing. Really. His depth of knowledge is inexplicable, unless, of course, the man is an alien. Seriously. Mere humans can’t possibly know that much.


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