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Dodge Designs in Not-So-Basic Black

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One of the best ways to create incremental sales for existing products is to provide “special editions,” and the designers at the Dodge studio have done a masterful job of special edition transformation with what’s called the “Blacktop” lineup.

Just take a look at this, the Blacktop version of the 2013 Dodge Avenger:


The exterior modifications for a Blacktop version means larger, unique Gloss Black wheels, Gloss Black-painted split-crosshair grille with a matching surround, darkened headlamp bezels, and body-colored spoiler.

One would think that the body color of a spoiler on a Blacktop car would be black, but there is a handful of other colors available, too (in the case of the Avenger, Redline Red 2, Bright White, Tungsten Metallic, and Billet Silver Metallic)—but c’mon, look at how sinister that car looks in Black.

Presently, a Dodge Charger SXT Blacktop is available now. The Avenger, Charger R/T and Challenger R/T Blacktop packages will be available in December.

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