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e-transmission for EVs

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The Emgrand is a full-size sedan produced by Geely Automotive in China. It is the company’s best-selling vehicle (in 2015, the company delivered 509,863 vehicles, of which 204,800 were Emgrands).

As part of its “Blue Geely” initiative, which has as its goal that by 2020 90 percent of its sales will consist of “new energy vehicles,” 65 percent plug-ins and non-plug in hybrids and 35 percent full electric vehicles (EVs), Geely has launched the Emgrand EV.

A key component of the EC7-EV sedan is from Borg-Warner Automotive Inc. (borgwarner.com), the company’s eGearDrive transmission, which the supplier is producing for the China market in a local plant.

The transmission is said to provide high torque capacity for EVs, and due to its efficiency and low mass, it helps extend the range of electric driving.

In the case of the Geely sedan, there is a 129-hp electric motor that provides a range of 157 miles. Realize that this is Geely’s first EV, so that is a more than respectable figure.