| 7:33 AM EST

Early Days for EVs

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How do you know that these are really early days for electric vehicles—or make that REALLY EARLY DAYS for electric vehicles?

Well, consider this. Citroën announced yesterday that it dealers have taken orders for more than 800 of its C-ZERO, which has just launched, and nearly 400 for its Berlingo First Electric.



Yes, that’s about 1,200 vehicles. Mind you, these are not all cars that are going to customers in France. For example, half are going to a leasing company in Austria, 63 to private customers in Norway, and 53 to an EV company in Denmark.

Consider: If a typical automotive assembly line runs at a speed of 60 units per hour, and the plant runs, say, just 7 hours a day, you could knock off 800 and still have the better part of the week left.

Yes, early days.