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Eating on the Road in the U.K.

Drivers there like their snacks. . .
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According to research conducted by SEAT UK, Brits, when they take a road trip, especially young Brits (18 to 24), go to service stations and plunk down £1.25 billion—on snacks.

The research from the Spain-based auto company (that’s part of the Volkswagen Group) shows that 62.7% of Britons have a “craving for junk food on the road.” And being on the road seems to lift some sort of mental reticence in that 55.7% say they’re more likely to eat badly when in a car than on the road.

And the folks at SEAT are taking this quite seriously. According to Richard Harrison, Managing Director at SEAT UK, “Most of us like a treat on long journeys but our research has revealed some worrying trends in our eating habits on the road. As a nation, we are much more aware of the numerous detrimental effects of eating unhealthily but it’s not easy to break bad habits, especially as driving can be stressful and we are often in a hurry.”

SEAT eating


Consequently, Harrison adds, “We’re encouraging drivers to think more about what they choose to eat when on the road, potentially boosting mood and concentration levels.”

Given the behavior of some drivers on U.S. roads, presumably there is even more snack foods being taken on board.