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Eaton Addresses Diesel Exhaust

Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation system requires little space and uses the engine heat to do its job.
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Eaton is taking advantage of the fundamental architecture of a diesel engine to address exhaust gas emissions by deploying a switchable roller rocker arm on each cylinder that’s electro-mechanically actuated (not hydraulically) so that the exhaust gas recirculation system can kick in right away, even during cold starts, so that the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system can do its job sooner rather than later. Called “iEGR”—for “Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation”—the system, compared to systems that, say, utilize an electric heater (to heat the SCR system to 250°C or above so that it can do its job) or bigger NOx traps (to accommodate the gases) is said to require little space and uses the engine heat to do its job.

The switchable roller rocker arm, incidentally, uses rollers for the valve-lift event, which is said to be more efficient than sliding pad setups.

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