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Electric Drive Development

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One interesting aspect of the transition to a multiplicity of powertrain solutions for cars and light trucks is the fact that it is bringing together what are arguably somewhat unlikely partners.

Case in point: Remy Electric Motors is working with MotoCzysz, a design and engineering firm that is focused on advancing the state of motorcycle technology, largely through the development of electric drive systems, on bringing to market a system for automobiles.

Says Michael Czysz, founder and CEO of MotoCzysz, “I believe electric drives are the purest and best solution to propel the majority of automobiles around the world. The D1g1tal Dr1ve was designed specifically with that vision in mind. Our partnership with Remy Electric Motors will allow us to deliver a modern, simpler, evolved replacement for the 100-year-old gas engine.”


The drive system was originally developed as a package to fit a motorcycle frame. Whereas often electric drive systems consist of a variety of components from various sources that are wired together, the D1g1tal Dr1ve was developed as a single unit, packaged as what they refer to as a “super axle” that's located between the two drive wheels.

It uses a liquid-cooled Remy internal permanent magnet (IPM) motor that provides 250 lb-ft of torque and 135 hp of power at 93% efficiency.

The companies are planning to have the system ready by Q2 2011.

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