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TRW Automotive's Electrically Assisted Steering

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Power steering makes it easier to turn your vehicle's front wheels at low speeds, but the benefit doesn't come free. Traditional power steering systems use hydraulic pressure to help you turn the wheel. The pressure comes from a pump that is driven by your engine even when you're not turning. That wastes fuel.

Electric Power Steering Avoids Fuel Waste

Electric power steering (EPS) avoids that problem. There's no hydraulic pump required. Instead, an electric motor helps you turn the wheel, but it uses power only when you're actually turning. TRW Automotive, which has already suppled more than 10 million electric power steering system worldwide, estimates its technology can improve fuel economy by as much as 4%.

But that's not all. EPS is electronically controlled, and that means it can be tied into electronic safety systems in your vehicle to help avoid skids and nudge you back into your lane if you accidentally drift out of it. One more thing: EPS enables parallel parking systems that automatically guide your car into a parking spot perfectly, and on the first try.


Electrically Assisted Steering Improves Fuel Economy

TRW Automotive's Electrically Assisted Steering (EAS) technology eliminates power draw from the engine by using power only when demanded, thus reducing the need for Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS) systems.

EAS's energy consumption reduction is approximately 75%-85% compared to conventional HPS, which translates to a 3%-4% improvement in fuel economy and a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

TRW's EAS technologies are a key enabler for advanced comfort and safety systems, such as Park Assist, Steering Torque Control and Lane-Keeping Systems.

To learn more about TRW safety technologies, click HERE or visit www.trw.com.