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EY: Bullish About Car Sales—and Mobility as a Service

EY is bullish about the conventional auto industry but urges it to embrace a strategy that combines carmaking with the emerging trend toward mobility as a service.

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EY is bullish about the conventional auto industry and expects worldwide sales will reach about 95 million vehicles, including 17 million units in the U.S., this year, says Randy Miller, Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Leader.

But Anil Valsan, EY’s Global Automotive and Transportation Lead Analyst, also notes that major auto shows, such as Geneva, underplay the industrywide trend toward mobility as a service, in which traditional ownership gives way to ride sharing, connected, autonomous and “green” transportation.

Meeting that future, Miller says, will require nimble management that can combine product with the concept of full mobility as a service, putting the customer at the center.

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