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Ferrari Goes to a New Level (Hint: Not a high one)

This is the Ferrari LaFerrari:   Striking.
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This is the Ferrari LaFerrari:


Striking. Stylish. Sensual. Technical. And really expensive.

There were 499 LaFerraris produced. All of them were sold. The MSRP (though one wonders whether that acronym isn’t a bit too common for the car): $1.4-million.

Clearly, there is something that is something special about the Maranello-based company’s cars, something that people even with deep, deep pockets aspire to. It isn’t in the least bit common. Some of the cars may have shapes and forms that are baroquely exotic, but it isn’t silly. It is a serious execution of some of the world’s best automotive design and engineering.

So of course, what the brand needs to attach itself to is an amusement park.


Ferrari Land. A 75,000-square meter area within the PortAventura resort and theme park that’s outside of Barcelona will be dedicated to Ferrari. Presumably, in addition to the color red and the signage with the Prancing Horse, the fact that there is what is claimed to be the fastest “vertical accelerator” in Europe (a.k.a., roller coaster) is what would make someone associate the locale with the sports car specialist.

They are also building a Ferrari-themed hotel at the park. One of its attractions will be a driving simulator.

Yes, the European auto market had a bad year in 2013, and Fiat, the owner of Ferrari, presumably is looking for some additional Euros.

But while some people have criticized some other luxury brands for going down-market with entry-products, theme parks tend to take this to a whole other level, a lower level.

Incidentally: this isn’t the first Ferrari theme park. There is the Ferrari World Park at Abu Dhabi, too.


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