| 8:57 PM EST

Fiesta: Built Ford Smart

#Ford #Mercury


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If you needed a data point to convince yourself that the light truck for non-vocational or need-based use is waning, consider this: Today Ford launched production of the 2011 Fiesta, built on the company's small global car platform, for the North American market in its Cuautitlán plant in Mexico, a facility that has produced more than 2.2 million vehicles during its 45-year history, including the Ford Mustang, LTD, Crown Victoria, Thunderbird, Taurus, Contour, Mercury Grand Marquis, Contour, and Mystique. Most recently, it has been producing a variety of light- and medium-duty F-Series trucks.

That right: Cuautitlán was a truck plant. Now it is building small cars.



Clearly, Ford, which for many years has been making serious margins from its trucks, has come to grips with the notion that things are changing in a significant way and so it must be able to competitively—and profitably—produce small cars. Like the Fiesta.