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Ford Improves the Ride

Not all Fords have a box on the back.


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Think about this in the context of Ford: It has a larger, stronger frame and mechanicals. There is a more-responsive braking systems. The tires have been increased in size. The vehicle is setup for improved acceleration. The electric range is significantly increased.

Some sort of electric truck?

Ford Spin

Have you ridden a Ford lately?

Nope. It is the new and improved Spin scooter, which will be launched in Portland, LA, Denver, Washington, Memphis, and Minneapolis in August. Ford Smart Mobility owns Spin, an acquisition made in November 2018. Spin offers scooters in 40 cities and on seven college campuses.

An objective of the development for this scooter, the third edition, is to provide something that’s sturdier—who hasn’t walked down a street in a major city without seeing a bent scooter?—safer (e.g., the platform is wider and longer so as to make riding and maneuvering easier—and more secure—there are special security screws used to prevent tampering with the scooters, and there is an upgraded authentication system that is uniquely associated with its modules.

The new scooter has 10-inch tubeless tires to provide improved shock absorption. The Spin scooter can travel up to 37.5 miles on a full charge.

Admit it: Ford and scooters are not something that you naturally think of.

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