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Ford Makes a Sharper Edge

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The 2019 Ford Edge ST is a variant of the midsize SUV that has been amped up by the folks at Ford Performance. It features a 355-hp, 380 lb-ft 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine that has been specifically tuned for this application; a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic (including steering wheel-mounted paddles); standard all-wheel-drive that’s calibrated for improved traction (and not just when there’s inclimate weather: also when you get on the throttle) and a water-cooled transfer unit to make sure that system operates effectively under demanding conditions; tuned sport suspension; deep side skirts that are actually functional (they reduce downforce); a wide-mesh grille for improved engine cooling; sport seats; and other performance-oriented features. And it seats five.

This is Ford’s first performance SUV, and given that the company is going to be making considerable investments going forward in things like SUVs for its showrooms, there was undoubtedly more than usual attention paid to the development of the Edge ST.

Usually on Mondays in this space I write about the most-recent “Autoline After Hours.” Due to scheduling, I wasn’t on the most-recent show. But it is still worth watching as Autoline’s John McElroy and Nik Miles of OurAutoExpert.com (among other outlets) talk with Ed Krenz, Chief Functional Engineer, for the Edge, and Cristina Aquino, Marketing Manager, for the vehicle.

John and Nik had the opportunity to drive the Edge ST, so the two provide their knowledgeable insights on the vehicle.

And you can see it here.


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