| 9:30 AM EST

Ford Offers iOS Waze Capability

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The popularity of iPhones notwithstanding, there seems to be extensive agreement that the Maps app on the phone isn’t particularly good for purposes of navigation. So even if someone has a vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay they might be inclined to use their iPhone independently of it and run Waze. (Of course, even with an iPhone X, the screen is comparatively tiny vis-a-vis what’s right there in the center of the instrument panel.)

Waze on SYNC AppLink

Ford has, as it once might have put it, a better idea. It is now allowing the use of Waze via an iPhone through its SYNC AppLink for vehicles equipped with SYNC-3.

The user simply plugs the iPhone into the USB port on and Waze can be displayed on the vehicle’s screen (as Don Butler, executive director, connected vehicle platform and product, Ford, put it, “With Waze, our customers get the benefits they’re accustomed to with the added luxury of experiencing them of a bigger screen.”). The app can be controlled via voice command. The vehicle’s speakers are used for the Waze guidance instructions.

Credit to Ford for providing this function.

Evidently there is an understanding that sometimes even the functionality offered by Apple or other big tech firms isn’t all that it might be.

Of course, then we realize that Waze is owned by. . . Google.