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Ford Plays a Role at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival—a.k.a., Festival de Cannes—runs through May 26.
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The Cannes Film Festival—a.k.a., Festival de Cannes—runs through May 26. While it has long been about, well, movies—a.k.a., films—it has gained what most large events—from film festivals to rock shows—now have, which is corporate sponsorship. Among the official event sponsors are Chopard and L’Oreal, which make sense, given the bling and the hair associated with movie folk. HP? Electrolux? Akamai? Well, let’s see: HP does provide hardware that can be used for digital effects creation. Electrolux—not sure on this one. It is unlikely that a whole lot of performers spend a whole lot of hoovering. Akamai might be able to use its digital content delivery system for a feature film coming to a computer near you.

Renault is also a sponsor. Which probably has as much to do with the locale as cars. Maybe more about the locale. It’s difficult to imagine too many stars rolling along in Meganes when there are Audis to be driven in.

Then there is the sponsor of what could be considered counter programming to the official festival, the “Cannes in a Van.”


This is the sixth year for the event and the second consecutive that includes official Ford involvement.

There is a Transit Custom commercial van. It is parked on the Boulevard de la Croisette, near the official festival site. And there is a 55-inch plasma screen mounted in the back so that the cargo doors are opened and the viewing of recipients of the Van d’Or award and other independent films commence.

Said Andy Greenhouse, Cannes in a Van co-founder, sounding exactly like someone who understands the power of corporate sponsorship, “It’s a real privilege to take films like these down to Cannes and give them much-needed exposure within the festival. We’re also really excited to have the new Transit Custom as our home for the sixth year of Cannes in a Van.”

Sounds like he’s working on a seventh.

No word on how amused the officials of Festival de Cannes are with this.