| 8:15 AM EST

Ford Takes the Gold

#Saturn #Saab #Lincoln


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If you’ve watched any of the Winter Olympics, you know that sometimes there are really tight finishes, down to hundredths of a second, between first and second.

And for February 2010 sales, Ford gets the Gold, and cross-town rival GM takes the silver.

Specifically, taking into account sales of Ford (123,507), Lincoln (6,681), Mercury (7,456), and Volvo (4,641), Ford Motor Company moved 142,285 vehicles.

Meanwhile, over at GM HQ, here’s how they counted: Buick (9,121), Cadillac (9,273), Chevy (99,999), GMC (20,456), HUMMER (296), Pontiac (84), Saab (97), Saturn (2,625), plus something categorized as Other (3,102) equals 141,951.

And Ford takes it by 334 vehicles. 2

Interestingly, Ford really hammered it with the F-Series, selling 32,895 versus 19,822 Silverados and 6,296 Sierras. And in cars, GM’s top seller was the Malibu, at 15,150, which is behind the Fusion at 16,459.

Perhaps there’s a reason why GM doesn’t include Ford in those “May the Best Car Win” ads.