| 5:38 AM EST

Foust’s Flying Fiesta



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This is a Ford Fiesta. Soon you will be able to go to your local Ford dealer and buy one. It probably won’t be painted with the Rockstar Energy colors. It probably won’t be at Summer X Games 17, as this one is at Summer X Games 16 in the LA Coliseum. But then you’re probably not Tanner Foust, who is behind the wheel of this Fiesta.

F Photo: Yujiro Otsuki

Foust picked up two gold medals for his driving in both the Rally Car and Super Rally races.

Said Foust of his wins, “I am glad we were able to defend the gold”—yes, this is not the first time—“and show again just how great a car the Fiesta is. I spent a lot of time in Europe driving the Fiesta in European Rally Cross just to be ready for this event and it paid off in a win for everyone involved.”

Somehow we think this is going to move more Fiestas than those commercials touting 40 mpg.