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Get a Tiny Mercedes GL for Christmas

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December is generally a good month when it comes to auto sales, as people often buy vehicles for Christmas presents.

Yes, getting a new vehicle would make it, as a long-time slogan of one luxury car brand has it, “A December to Remember.”

But what if your significant other, whomever, or self has had their eye on a brand-new Mercedes GL since reading about it in Automotive Design & Production, yet your budget is more cottage cheese than caviar?

Well, the answer might be the Mercedes-Benz GL produced by Norev. This company used the original CAD data for the SUV and has created miniature versions of the vehicle.


The 1:18 version, for example, is hand-built from over 120 individual parts. The body is die cast. The doors, hood and tailgate can be opened. Second and third row seat backrests can be folded down.

While models of this sort usually have 150 “decorations”—which is miniature enthusiasts’ nomenclature for details applied by stamping, painting, stickers, chrome plating, etc.—the Norev GL has up to 253 decorations.

The 1:18-scale GL, which is just over 11 inches long, is available from the Mercedes online store in Germany for 69.90 Euros.

If that’s a bit steep, then there is a 1:43 model, which comes in at 29.90 Euro.

Not inexpensive, but certainly more affordable than the full-scale model.

Which brings to mind that you could truly have, as Karen Carpenter and others memorably sang, a “merry little Christmas.”

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