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Global Strategy for Supplying Automotive Fasteners

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Wherever in the world automotive parts and components are manufactured, they need a global supply of fasteners to hold them together. As a result, PennEngineering aims to simplify the supply chain for OEMS, Tier 1 and aftermarket suppliers.


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Wherever in the world automotive parts are made, they need a global supply of fasteners to hold them together. Take a tour of PennAuto’s Kunshan, China facility


As automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and aftermarket suppliers seek to streamline their supply chains, there is tremendous value in finding vendors that can provide a wider array of products and support those products globally with local distribution and engineering services.

A major player like this in the fastener category is PennEngineering, which makes hundreds of different fasteners for the automotive industry with standard and custom products as well as automated assembly solutions. PennEngineering offers a global supply for a wide range of fasteners, including China-based facilities that manufacture standard and custom products to world-class standards of quality at lower cost.

This capability uniquely positions PennEngineering to deliver product at a lower cost while achieving the same or improved levels of quality, as compared with Western competitors who are locked into…READ MORE.