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GM Is Energy Efficiency Leader

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What would you think of a corporation that spent $90-million per year that it didn’t need to?

What would you think of a corporation that saved $90-million per year because it did things that made more sense?

Not so much of the first.

A whole lot more of the second.


So General Motors deserves a considerable amount of credit because it now has 54 plants facilities—32 in North America—that, by meeting a voluntary energy reduction challenge set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is saving $90-million in energy costs.

That means GM has more plants that meet that challenge than any other in the world. From Arlington, Texas, to Wentzville, Missouri, from Boryeong, South Korea, to Yantai Dong Yue, China. Running cleaner and more efficiently.

Which ought to make us all think more of GM in a positive sense.

The U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry calls for facilities to reduce energy intensity by 10% within a five-year span. GM plants did it within three.

Among the steps taken was upgrading to energy-efficient lighting and automating the shutdown of equipment that was previously manually shutdown.

In addition to saving money, this means that GM is reduced the amount of CO2 it is putting in the atmosphere by 1,256,000 metric tons.