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GM, Poetry and Biodiversity

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Some of you may recognize this passage from William Blake’s “Jerusalem”:

And did the Countenance Divine

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here

Among these dark Satanic Mills?

He wrote that song in 1804 when factories were, in effect, “dark Satanic Mills.”

Anyone who has been to a contemporary factory in the developed world knows that things are far less mephitic than they once were.


But let’s face it: if you have an assembly plant that requires acres for buildings and parking lots, chances are it is not a place through which anyone is going to go gamboling.

That said, a shout out to General Motors. It has 62 sites* (many, but not all, factories) that have achieved Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council. GM is managing some 5,000 acres of habitat in 13 countries.

GM people are planting trees in Mexico and Thailand. Creating pollinator gardens in South Korea and building nesting places for birds in Flint, Michigan.

The giant corporation is supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal to address biodiversity loss.

Had it been around in the 19th century, Blake might have been a less tormented man.


*2016 Certifications:

1. Flint Tool & Die (Michigan)

2. Edmonton Parts Distribution Centre (Alberta, Canada)

3. Langley (Vancouver) Parts Distribution Center (British Columbia, Canada)

4. Woodstock Customer Care and Aftersales (Ontario, Canada)

5. Lansing Grand River Assembly (Michigan)

6. Rochester Operations (New York)

7. Bogotá Complex (Colombia)

8. San Luis Potosí Complex (México)

9. Silao Complex (México)

10. Toluca Complex (México)

11. Boryeong Complex (Republic of Korea)

12. Rayong Vehicle Plant (Thailand)

13. Rayong Powertrain (Thailand)

14. Talegaon Complex (India)

15. Tashkent Engine (Uzbekistan)

16. GM South Africa Struandale Complex (South Africa)

2016 Re-Certifications:

1. Bay City Powertrain (Michigan)

2. Romulus Powertrain (Michigan)

3. Saginaw Metal Casting Operations (Michigan)

4. Warren Transmission (Michigan)

5. Parma Metal Center (Ohio)

6. Kokomo Operations (Indiana)

7. Fort Wayne Assembly (Indiana)

8. Marion Metal Center (Indiana)

9. St. Catherines Powertrain (Ontario)

10. Ramos Arizpe Complex (México)

11. Kapuskasing Cold Weather Development Center (Ontario)

12. Customer Care and Aftersales Headquarters (Michigan)

13. Warren Technical Center (Michigan)

14. Joinville Engine (Brazil)

15. São Caetano do Sul Complex (Brazil)

Sites Already Certified:

1. Fairfax Assembly (Kansas)

2. Defiance Casting (Ohio)

3. Pontiac Metal Center/Global Powertrain Headquarters (Michigan)

4. Orion Assembly (Michigan)

5. Gunsan Complex (Republic of Korea)

6. Rosario Automotive Complex (Argentina)

7. Milford Proving Ground (Michigan)

8. Arlington Assembly (Texas)

9. Bedford Powertrain (Indiana)

10. CAMI Assembly (Ontario)

11. GM Renaissance Center World Headquarters (Michigan)

12. General Motors of Canada Headquarters (Ontario)

13. Gravataí Complex (Brazil)

14. Lordstown Complex (Ohio)

15. Oshawa Assembly (Ontario)

16. São José dos Campos Complex (Brazil)

17. Spring Hill Manufacturing (Tennessee)

18. Toledo Transmission (Ohio)

19. Baltimore Operations (Maryland)

20. Bowling Green Assembly (Kentucky)

21. Drayton Warehouse (Michigan)

22. Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly (Michigan)

23. Desert Proving Ground (Arizona)

24. Grand Rapids Operations (Michigan)

25. Guangde Proving Ground (China)

26. Lansing Delta Township Assembly (Michigan)

27. Lockport Components (New York)

28. Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil)

29. Tonawanda Engine (New York)

30. Vauxhall Ellesmere Port (England)

31. Wentzville Assembly (Missouri)