| 8:35 AM EST

GM Recall: Makes You Want to Walk

#GeneralMotors #Pontiac


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General Motors is conducting a safety recall –a voluntary recall—of 1.3-million Chevy Cobalts (2005-‘10), Pontiac G5s (2007-’10), Canadian Pontiac Pursuits (2005-’10), and Mexican Pontiac G4s (2005-10). The issue: a motor in the power steering system.


Seems like this recall thing is becoming more pervasive than H1N1.

According to Jamie Hresko, GM vp of Quality, “After our in-depth investigation”—GM started its in 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened its investigation on January 27 into 905,000 Cobalts in the U.S., having received more than 1,100 complaints about loss of power steering assist, 14 crashes, and one injury—“we found that this is a condition that takes time to develop. It tends to occur in older models out of warranty.”

Hresko explained: “While greater steering effort under 15 mph may be required, if the customer experiences loss of power steering assist, it is important to note that the vehicle can still be safely controlled because the customer can still steer the vehicle.” Good thing these are compact cars because many drivers forget the days of piloting barge-sized vehicles before there was power steering.