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Going Big With the Grand Cherokee

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Although 2009 wasn’t a great sales year for the Jeep Grand Cherokee—the company moved just 50,328 units last year, dwarfed by the Jeep Wrangler’s 82,044, and even beaten by the Dodge Journey’s 53,826, and the Journey’s sales, by any measure, can be described as “disappointing”—with the all-new 2011 model Grand Cherokee, Chrysler is thinking BIG things.

How big? How about 103 ft long by 52 ft tall?



That’s the size of the Grand Cherokee image on the 11-storey high building wrap that presently cloaks the front exterior of the Chrysler Group HQ in Auburn Hills, MI.

The image will be seen by an estimated 200,000 people as they go by the building, which is located just off of I-75.

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