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Graduated Payments

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As May draws to a close, there is an increasing number of colleges that have shown their senior class the mortarboard, the podium, the certificate, and the door.

Which means that many of these grads are going to need to go further than across the diag, square, quad or whatever other geometric designator there is for the given campus in order to find a job.

And that could mean buying a car.

2016 Fiat 500X Trekking Plus


So the folks at Autotrader have cleverly come up with a list of nine vehicles—six new and three certified pre-owned (CPO)—that cost under $25,000 that they describe as “Great Cars for Recent College Grads.”

Which probably should read “Great Cars for Recent College Grads Who Don’t Have Crushing Student Loan Debt.”

The vehicles they’ve identified are:


Honda Civic

Kia Soul


Scion iA

Subaru Crosstrek

CPO Chevrolet Equinox

CPO Lexus CT

CPO Hyundai Sonata

Which is pretty hard to argue with.



That said, we can’t help but note the opening sentence in a blog item that appears on Home Room, “the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education”: “Nothing says, ‘Welcome to adulthood’ quite like getting your first student loan bill in the mail.”

Maybe the only other thing would be the bill for the new ride.