| 8:38 AM EST

Green: As In St. Patrick’s Day for a Change

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Seemingly everyone is wearing green today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the data wonks at TrueCar, those folks who slice, dice and rice sales data, have taken a look at the percentage of model year 2010 green color cars sold during the first two months of 2010. Here are their numbers:

Toyota FJ Cruiser: 23%. Sort of surprising, given that the city/highway EPA number for the vehicle is 18 mpg, which isn’t exactly “green” territory.

Subaru Forester: 21%. With a name like that, it is surprising the number isn’t higher.

Honda Odyssey: 15%. Let’s see, “Odyssey” goes back to Homer, who talked about Ulysses sailing around. But wasn’t that a “wine-dark sea,” not a green one?

Subaru Outback: 12%. Unless we’re talking WRX, Subes just sort of seem green, don’t they? 2

Jeep Wrangler: 9%. As this is still the quintessential outdoor driver (yes, all cars outside of bumper cars and clown cars are generally driven outdoors, but you know what we mean), green is certainly an appropriate color.

Toyota Camry: 8%. We will refrain from making jokes about “Green means go, red means stop.”

Honda Crosstour: 7%. This is the newest model in the bunch. Green shoots, perhaps?

Toyota Highlander: 6%. Makes you wonder why so many vehicles are named after terrain, doesn’t it? (No, the GMC Terrain is not in the top 10).

Honda CR-V: 6%. Let’s see: Crosstour and CR-V. . .but not Ridgeline?

Ford Fusion: 6%. Certainly Ford is getting some green with the Fusion. During the first two months of 2010, they sold 28,638 Fusions, which makes it the best-selling car in the company’s lineup and second only to the F-Series.

Here’s hoping the luck of the Irish will be with all OEMs this year.