| 7:39 AM EST

Hardwired Electronics vs Apps

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When cell phones used to have handsets about the size of bricks, vehicle manufacturers offered “car phones.” These were hardwired right into the vehicle. This essentially meant that the person who had a car phone would have to have a completely separate “portable” phone, too.

Clearly, that whole car phone strategy didn’t work out very well.

Nowadays millions of people have exceedingly powerful iPhones that are rife with a variety of capabilities. So MINI is taking advantage of that and is offering the MINI Connected PlugIn, an Apple-designed, automotive-grade iPod interface that supports Apple’s iPod Out, such that through the MINI Connected system, the iPod screen appears in the vehicle’s display screen. People are familiar with that, so it is less distracting than another interface.


Through the MINI Connected iPhone App, news, Twitter, Google Local search, etc. are available.

Taking advantage of what’s already there.

Now MINI is collaborating with Internet radio provider Pandora so that the driver can take advantage of what they’re used to in their non-mobile life.

One begins to wonder about the future of fully functioned hardwired systems, built-in navigation, and even radios.