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Honda: Anna, Russells Point—Who Knew?



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Honda, with the exception, perhaps, of its creation of ASIMO, the World’s Favorite Robot, is actually an engine company that happens to wrap things like cars and lawnmowers around those engines.


ASIMO at its 10th birthday celebration in October.

And what may be surprising to many is that the largest engine plant that this engine-making company has is NOT IN JAPAN, where people might imagine it to be, NOR IS IT IN MEXICO, CHINA or SOME OTHER OSTENSIBLY LOW-WAGE COUNTRY. (We add the emphasis here because it really is somewhat surprising, or at least counter to what may be perceived as common wisdom.)

Rather, Honda’s biggest engine plant is in. . .wait for it. . .Anna, Ohio.

That’s right, Anna, Ohio.

Honda has announced that it is making a $70-million investment in its Honda Transmission of America Mfg. plant in Russells Point, Ohio.

This investment will include a 200,000-sq. ft. expansion. The plant’s capacity for automatic transmission production will go from 800,000 to 1-million annually. The total footprint of the manufacturing operation will go to 933,000-sq. ft.



The plant currently employs 1,050 people who produce transmissions and four-wheel-drive assemblies. When the expansion is complete, approximately 100 more associates will join their ranks.

In addition to the expansion, there is a $25-million program on-going to increase the manufacturing flexibility at the plant. Overall, Honda’s investment in the facility will exceed $490-million.

Who knew?