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How Do You Spell “Corolla”? “M-I-S-S-I. . . .”

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While “the Georgetown plant” is almost synonymous with “Toyota” when it comes to U.S. manufacturing operations, given that the company started building cars there back in 1988, that is just one of many plants the company operates in the U.S.

It is making engines in Alabama and trucks in Texas. It’s making transmissions in West Virginia and Camrys in Indiana.


And last week, Toyota Mississippi—yes, they have a product facility in the Magnolia State—announced that they’ve produced 500,000 Corollas in the plant.

Given that they started building them when the plant opened in 2011, that’s PDQ.


Last year, Toyota Mississippi produced approximately 180,000 Corollas.

The Corolla is an important car for Toyota. According to Autodata, last year 339,498 Corollas were delivered, which makes it the #3 best-selling car in America after the Camry and the Accord. In terms of overall vehicle sales, it is #6, with the first three spots being taken by pickups (F-Series, Silverado, Ram).

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