| 12:19 PM EST

How to Develop a World’s Record Setting Vehicle

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Start with a Hyundai Genesis Coupe racecar. It helps if it is the racecar that set the Time Attack 2WD record at last year’s ascent at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It is even more helpful if said car was driven by your dad (makes it easier to get the keys).

Take into account that the surface is chanced to an all-tarmac course, so the speeds will be higher as you twist, turn, accelerate, brake, repeat.

Add a new aero package for additional downforce to address the speeds and the ultrawide, staggered fitment Hankook F200 racing slicks on custom HRE lightweight wheels.


Redesign front splitter so that it is stronger.

Redesign rear wing for additional downforce. Supplement with wider rear body kit.

Put a Garrett GTX3582 Turbocharger under the hood so that the V6 produces 700 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque.

Upgrade brake calipers to handle the additional heat generated and add ductwork to help cool brakes.

Be Rhys Millen.

Smash the 10-minute mark by making it up the Peak in 9:46.164.