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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. . .

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. . .assuming you can get gas.

Last year we asked, “What would Sheldon drive?,” and now we have a new answer. Comic-Con is being held in San Diego this weekend, and assuming that the guys from Pasadena are down there they are going to see the Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine, designed by Robert Kirkman, creator/writer of The Walking Dead.

That would be his ride. And woe to all of those—humans and zombies alike—who got in his way (the former not out of any particular malice, just predicated on his driving skills, or lack thereof).


The car is a heavily modified Hyundai Elantra Coupe. The options include a front-end custom zombie plow with spikes, armored window coverings, a roof hatch, a truck equipped with electric and pneumatic weaponry, front- and back-end floodlights, and spiked, all-terrain rally tires.

Said Steve Shannon, vp of Marketing for Hyundai Motor America, “Our custom Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine is the ultimate car for The Walking Dead fans and anyone who wants to survive a zombie invasion.”

One assumes that when the zombie invasion occurs proper parallel parking will not be an issue.

The Elantra Coupe with a six-speed manual is rated at 29/40 mpg. If you’re fighting off zombies, you don’t want to give up an arm to shift, so the Zombie Survival Machine has an automatic. This is rated at a highly respectable 28/39 mpg. At least the Elantra Coupe minus all of the armoring. The additional weight leads us to believe that the fuel economy would be severely reduced, which would mean that there would need to be more time out in the open at the local gas station. The only potential good news here might be that since gas stations no longer have people who actually fuel your vehicle, any former gas station attendant who became the walking dead might not realize that s/he can go out to the pump, so you might be safe.

Might be.

The car was modified by Design Craft Fabrication.