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Hyundai & Art

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Although we could take this opportunity to point out that earlier this week Hyundai and Kia (remember: Hyundai Motor Group owns Kia) received a $100-million penalty from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice—the largest penalty in the Clean Air Act’s history—for misstating/miscalculating the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted from several of the companies’ cars and SUVs, we won’t.

Rather, we’ll talk about something more uplifting.


Three Eggs (1975-82). A video installation. © Nam June Paik Studio

As in Hyundai Motor’s 11-year partnership with the Tate Modern museum in London, which is supporting a newly curated display of work by South Korean artist Nam June Paik, as well as the acquisition of nine of the late artist’s works for the museum on the Thames.

Among the work shown is Paik’s Can Car, a sculpture produced in 1963, consisting of a tin can, an electric motor and a pair of wheels.

Clearly, Paik was ahead of his time vis-à-vis electric vehicles.

(Hmm. . .presumably those aforementioned greenhouse gas emissions wouldn’t have been a problem were those cars and SUVs EVs. . . .)