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Although there is a whole lot of doom and gloom out there, there is also some belief in a bright, shiny future, as there ought to be, especially by our young.

The U.S. winners of the 2020 Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest have been announced, and these winners have imagined a better future for mobility and beyond.

Jay Ward

Pixar’s Jay Ward, one of the 2020 Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest judges (All images: Toyota)

Pixar’s Jay Ward, one of the 2020 Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest judges (All images: Toyota)


As Jay Ward, Creative Director of Franchise, Pixar Animation Studios, put it, “I’m so honored and excited to help judge for the Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest. It’s deeply inspirational to see the dreams and ideas created by this amazing young talent.”

Amazing it is.

The nine winners were selected from 41 finalists. There were 1,700 entries overall. There were three age categories—4-7 years; 8-11 years; 12-15 years—and the judges considered artistry, uniqueness and execution of concept.

The winners come from four states: California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Washington.

And it was a total girl-power sweep.

Congratulations to all of them!

We feel the future will be bright as a result of your work.


U.S. WINNERS – Age Category 1 (4-7 Years)


Khloe Wang


Gold Award: Bubble Water Car Khloe Wang, age 7, South El Monte, CA


Vera So


Silver Award: Toyota Magical Puzzle Car by Vera So, age 7, Irvine, CA


Olivia Foh


Bronze Award: Toyota Phoenix Car by Olivia L. Foh, age 7, San Jose, CA

U.S. WINNERS – Age Category 2 (8-11 Years)


Grace Sun


Gold Award: The Jellyfish Car by Grace Sun, age 9, Livingston, NJ


Ashley Han


Silver Award: Surrealism Car by Ashley Han, age 11, Ann Arbor, MI


Lynn Sun


Bronze Award: The Eco Car by Lynn Sun, age 11, Livingston, NJ

U.S. WINNERS – Age Category 3 (12-15 Years)


Celine Lee Min


Gold Award: Flourish & Rebloom by Celine Lee Min, age 15, Bellevue, WA


Jennie Mingzhou Wei


Silver Award: The Memory Car by Jennie Mingzhen Wei, age 14, Novi, MI

Katherine Wang

Bronze Award: Phoenix Dream Car by Katherine Wang, age 15, Mercer Island, WA


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