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IMTS 2014 Preview

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About the Event
The 2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) marks the 30th edition of the event which will take place September 8-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago. 1,900 exhibiting companies will occupy 1,240,863 net square feet of exhibit space, attracting more than 100,000 buyers and sellers from over 112 countries.

To help guide attendees to booths quickly and easily, exhibits are organized in pavilions that are geared toward specific industries, technologies and solutions.

Manufacturing industry professionals from all over the world attend IMTS to see more than 15,000 new machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems and processes that can improve their efficiency. 

IMTS Conference
The IMTS Conference brings the industry together to discuss new opportunities. Attendees network with a community of industry peers and explore fresh ideas to enhance their businesses. They leave with different perspectives on overcoming day-to-day and long-range challenges. Complementing the exhibits on display on the show floor, conference sessions explore innovative technologies, business development and optimization, and workforce efficiency and productivity. Special emphasis is placed on ways to maintain focus on short- and long-term goals during a tough economic environment.

TRAM (Trends in Advanced Machining, Manufacturing and Materials) Aerospace Conference
TRAM is a 2-day conference program focused on transferring advanced manufacturing technologies to the business leaders, managers and engineers who lead or play a key role in a facility that serves the aerospace sector. TRAM takes place September 10-11 
in the West Hall of McCormick Place. 

TRAM ’14 will examine the implications of trends focusing on these key areas: Advanced Machining Processes, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies  and Advanced Materials being used, including composites and titanium alloys, which produce lighter, stronger structures. Aircraft engines are using materials that enable them to work at higher operating temperatures, increasing their efficiency and operating performance. The conference will examine the impact of these materials and the new manufacturing technologies being developed.

TRAM Conference Contact: 
Gardner Business Media, Inc.
Allison Miller, Director of Events


When:     September 8-13, 2014
Where:     McCormick Place; 
        2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
        Chicago, IL 60616 
        Phone: (312) 791-6505
Sponsor: AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology
On-site registration is open 
Monday, Sept. 8 through 
Saturday, Sept. 13 in all four 
buildings of McCormick Place:
    •    East and West Buildings: 
        8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    •    North and South Buildings: 
        9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Attendee Show Hours:
    •    East and West Buildings: 
        9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    •    North and South Buildings: 
        10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
More info:  imts.com


ATI Industrial Automation—Booth N-6429


The QC-160 robotict tool changer has a high moment capacity in a lightweight and compact package. The QC-160 utilizes the same Locking Mechanism as the QC-200 Series Tool Changers—exceeding 200 kg robot load specifications. The new Tool Changer also features internal Lock/Unlock sensing and (5) 3/8 NPT and (4) 1/2 NPT pass-through air connections. ATI Robotic tool changers provide the flexibility to automatically change end-effectors or other peripheral tooling with accuracy and ease. ATI tool changers are designed to function reliably for millions of cycles at rated loads while maintaining high repeatability. A variety of models are available to cover a wide range of applications from very small payloads to extremely heavy payload applications requiring significantly large moment capacity. ati-ia.com

Hydromat--Booth S-8348


Hydromat will showcase the EPIC R/T 45-12, a collet style rotary transfer machine for precision metal cutting of stock sizes up to 1.75 inch round, 1.5 inch hex and 1.25 inch square and a length up to 6 inches. This machine utilizes 12 horizontal tool spindles and has the capacity of up to 6 vertical tool spindles, featuring up to 18 tools in the cut at once.    

The EPIC R/T 45-12 features the latest in CNC rotary transfer technology: Embedded Motion Control (EMC), a special plug & play control architecture embedded into each toolspindle unit, offering fully independent functionality for each axis motion. Modular tool spindle system with quick-change pre-settable heads help the EPIC R/T offer quick and easy changeovers—typically 1-3 hours. The EPIC R/T 32/45- 16, as with all Hydromat machines, supports Lean Manufacturing principles and competitive manufacturing at small, medium and large production quantities. Typical components ideally suited for machining on Hydromats include automotive ABS and brake systems, fuel, electrical, engine and steering components; plumbing and HVAC valve castings, faucet bodies and gas valves and connectors; hardware power tool and appliance housings; electrical wire connectors and switch bodies; defense and aerospace fuse bodies and instrument housings. hydromat.com

Murata Machinery— Booth S-8844


Murata Machinery will introduce two Muratec turning machines, the MW80GT  and MW120GTEX, as well as a redesigned version of its ML400 machine, the ML400L. The 6000-rpm, dual-spindle MW80GT is engineered to produce parts that are 80 mm in diameter and 50 mm long, with a wide gang tool platform for added versatility. X- and Z-axis stroke measures 320 and 22 mm, respectively. The machine features the same gantry speed as the MW50GT.
The MW120GTEX is an update of the MW120GT twin-spindle CNC chucker. The new turning center features a high-accuracy spindle for tight-tolerance requirements. The Z-axis ballscrew is centered to increase accuracy, while the X-axis box way adds rigidity. The two-piece turret coupling is also designed to increase accuracy, while its twin independent gantries deliver rapid throughput.The ML400L is a longer version of the ML400, extending to 200 mm in diameter by 570 mm in length. It features upper and lower turrets with roller support, as well as an MT5 tailstock center with a live-tool option for small secondary holes.

Other machines on display include the MD200G, which features 30-hp, 2,400-rpm, dual spindles for effective cutting capability with 250-mm chucks and a 5-hp, 3,000-rpm live tool capability. The centralized FANUC 31 control provides both machine operation and smart, three-axis gantry control. automatedturning.com

TRUMPF—Booth N-6223

TRUMPF will showcase the latest advancements in laser marking with the TruMark 1110, TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker, TruMark 5020 and TruMark 6030. The TruLaser 1030 fiber, now with an integrated laser, will provide visitors a look at TRUMPF’s latest development in 2D laser cutting, while the TruLaser Cell 3000 will highlight 5-axis precision cutting and welding. 

Kennametal—Booth W-1522

Kennametal’s Novo digital tool and process planning application is now capable of connecting via the cloud to tool management, e-commerce and other shop systems, reducing data errors and reducing non-value-added value transfer. Version 1.3 of the open-source system is designed to interact seamlessly with shop systems to leverage cutting tool data and machining knowledge, improving productivity. Novo features a tool selector, tool configurator, tool advisor and job functions. It offers connectivity to Kennametal’s e-commerce system, ISO 13399 exports and integration with the company’s ToolBoss tool-management system via the Machining Cloud. Novo apps are available for both Android and Windows tablet devices.

When used for a specific application, the Novo system helps users select tooling by defining machining features and then reducing the product set to those that can do the job, taking into account constraint requirements such as material, tolerance and machining sequence for both single tools and multi-tools. The software then ranks the results based on knowledge-based rules to best meet the challenges of the application as defined by the user’s operating environment and preferences. It also recommends options on cutting and adaptive items to fit with the selected solution. Smart-attribute filters can help users select available products and provide options on cutting and adaptive items as well. The Tool Configurator provides CAD files and graphic support for every tool component and its assembly, saving time.

Delcam—Booth E-3222
Delcam’s PartMaker Division will unveil the 2015 version of its PartMaker CAM software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM equipment, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes. Major highlights of PartMaker 2015 include improved support for today’s latest breed of multi-tasking machine tools, more powerful milling and turning functionality and a unique approach to post-processing for multi-axis turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

PartMaker 2015 includes specialist support for a new breed of machine tools that has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years called vertical mill-turns. These machine tools are unique because they combine the func-tionality typically found on a vertical-turret lathe with that of a five-axis vertical machining center. PartMaker 2015 will also offer support for turret-based Swiss lathes with programmable B-axis live tooling attachments. delcam.com

Marposs—Booth E-5519

Marposs will introduce its new generation Artis CTM V6 tool, machine and process monitoring system. The CTM system safeguards and optimizes complex production processes thanks to aligned in-process monitoring. The flexible interface concept enables problem-free integration within many environments, from entry solutions with no fieldbus connections, to branched Ethernet architectures such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus. 

United Grinding North America—Booth N-6800

United Grinding America will display a custom-painted, 20th anniversary version of the Walter Helitronic Power CNC tool grinding machine. Designed with precision, productivity and flexibility in mind, the tool grinder produces and resharpens rotationally symmetrical tools and complex parts made from high speed steel, carbide, cermet and ceramic in a single clamping. 

With a GE FANUC control and Helitronic Tool Studio application software, the machine is said to provide high reliability, precision and speed and simple operation. Operators can program machine steps and movement sequences for both rotationally symmetrical tools and special tools. For increased efficiency, the application software includes options enabling users to add a feed rate optimizer, tool balancer, an integrated measuring system and adaptive control.

Dürr Ecoclean—Booth W-130

Dürr Ecoclean will present its innovative system concept, the EcoCCore, designed for operations with non-halogenated hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and polar solvents. The system is not only extremely flexible when it comes to the choice of solvent but also when batch sizes are concerned. Engineers especially focused on high process reliability, optimized handling and energy efficiency. The EcoCCore also convinces with comprehensive standard equipment and reduced space requirement. In addition, a noticeable reduction of costs per unit in the cleaning process is achieved, according to the company.

Iscar—Booth W-1800
Iscar’s High-Q-Line range of cutting tools and inserts are designed to enable high feeds and speeds for productive machining operations. 

The Dove-IQ-Turn dovetail pocket features a combined lever clamping mechanism said to provide a firm grip and rigid insert clamping, while the Dove-IQ-Grip tools are designed with a front-locking mechanism for deep or heavy grooving applications, offering unobstructed chip flow.
Iscar’s Do-Grip IQ inserts are double-ended to enable deeper grooving and larger parting operations. The Penta-IQ-Grip line offers pentagonal-shaped inserts for deep, accurate grooving and parting applications. 

The High-Q-Line also includes the Heli-IQ-Mill 390 milling inserts, said to reduce cutting forces and power consumption, and the Dove-IQ-Mill for face milling, roughing and finishing operations in a range of metals.

In addition, the company offers its Iscar Tool Advisor (ITA) parametric search engine, now available in app versions for Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, as well as an online and offline version in 26 languages. 

Mitutoyo—Booths E-5214, S-8640, C-878
Mitutoyo offers dependable, accurate digital readout packages with IP67 rated AT715 ABSOLUTE Electromagnetic Linear Scales with high resistance to harsh environments and AT116 Linear Scales with high-precision glass scales. Mitutoyo DRO packages include the KA Counter digital display unit, known for its dependability in harsh environments and easy to use display functions, according to the company. In combination with the high accuracy of the Linear Scales, the KA Counter provides resolution selectable from .001 in. to 50 microinches or better. The DRO package also includes a complete bracket and installation kit with the necessary hardware to install the Mitutoyo DRO system on major manual machine tool brands. 

DMG MORI—Booths C-813, S-8900 


DMG MORI will exhibit its Lasertec 65 3D hybrid manufacturing machine, combining additive 3D printing in metals and subtractive processes into one machine to produce complete workpieces from powder. The machine uses a powder spray technique, said to provide 10 to 40 times greater material deposition rates compared to powder-bed-type additive manufacturing machines, and then uses conventional milling and turning processes to remove material from unwanted areas. 
The company will also be displaying its DMC 80 FD DuoBlock multitasking machine, the NHX 4000 horizontal machining center and the NLX 2500SY gear hobbing machine.

Promess—Booths E-5382 and N-6640

The Promess Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP) is a fully electric, programmable motion controlled ball screw press with integrated motion control and monitoring. Promess offers 33 different ElectroMechanical Assembly Servo Presses with capacities ranging from less than an ounce to over 200,000 pounds to fit any application.

Siemens PLM Software—Booths E-3122, C-919
Siemens PLM Software is a  provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, systems and services with nine million licensed seats and 77,000 customers worldwide. Siemens delivers a complete solution for part manufacturing—from planning to production. 

Chevalier Machinery—Booth S-8986
Chevalier will be exhibiting nine machines, including the new FSG-2460ADS automatic grinder and the new FBB-110L horizontal boring machine. IMTS attendees will also watch a FANUC intelligent robotic team with a Chevalier heavy-duty horizontal turning lathe, demonstrating increased production efficiency through automation. Also on display: 
• The FVM-8088DC heavy-duty bridge machine for machining large workpieces. It not only handles gigantic jobs, but does so with cutting-edge control.
• The FVL-1250VTC+C series, ideal for heavy-duty turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling and thread-cutting applications. The rotary table is driven by a powerful spindle motor with a gearbox for low-speed high-torque machining and higher speed for fine finishing.
• The FBL-360B with FANUC Robot. 
• The FBL-520D heavy-duty horizontal turning lathe, ideal for machining heavy parts and large pipe threading. This series features highly accurate machining that can handle rough- and fine-turning operations. 
• The FSG-4080DC series double-column fixed beam grinders. 
• The FSG-2440ADS series high-precision, fully automatic, three-axis grinder with a PLC controller.
• The FSG-1640ADIII automatic-precision, sur-face-grinding machine that offers improved accuracy, quality and ease of operation. This series includes the new touch-screen control station that is adjustable to a comfortable position for the operator.
• The SMART-B818III surface and high profile CNC grinder, capable of produc-ing “mirror” surface finishes on highly accurately ground workpieces that produce microfinishes of 5 RMS. The positioning accuracy is (±) 0.0025 micron and the grinding accuracy is 1 micron. 

Fixtureworks—Booth W-1686
Available from Fixtureworks' line of Fairlane Products are the urethane-covered bearing rollers. These have a smooth urethane surface which is cast to a sealed ball bearing and available with hardness ranging from 35 to 95 durometers in 1" to 3" diameters. According to the company, they provide quiet, non-marring operations with abrasion resistance and durability.

The company also features its lineup of manual clamps from Imao, OK-Vise and Mitee-Bite. The clamps come in a variety of sizes from miniature to heavy duty, with clamping-force options from as little as 2 to as much as 2,200 lbs. Configurations includes swing, pull, snap, hook, toe and side. 

Absolute Machine Tools—Booths S-8536, E-5225

The Nexturn SA32XII Swiss-type lathe from Absolute Machine Tools features a 32-mm bar diameter capacity on the main and subspindle, and is available with or without a rotary synchronous guide bushing. The nine-axis machine (Z1, X1, Y1, Z2, X2, Y2, C1, C2 and 
optional B) can accommodate approximately 33 total tools with the B axis 
(29 without), and includes 19 live tools. 

The Swiss-type lathe can turn bar ranging to 210 mm (8”) long in one chucking (60 mm or 2.36" without guide bushing). The one-piece cast iron machine bed increases rigidity, and pre-tensioned ballscrews and LM guides increase accuracy, the company says. High-speed positioning of 1,260 ipm reduces cycle times. A sliding operator door is designed to ease access to the machining area and is drip-free. The main spindle features a 10-hp, 8,000-rpm built-in motor with effective acceleration/deceleration capabilities. The full C axis on both the main and subspindles features 0.001-degree positioning and pneumatic disc brake clamping to increase rigidity in milling operations. The synchronous subspindle enables simultaneous front and backworking to be performed.

Live tools (1.3 hp, 6,000 rpm) are designed to perform range of milling, drilling and tapping operations. ER-16 collets (ER-11 for back tools on the optional B axis) for the live tools provide rigidity. The optional B axis, used primarily for milling, drilling and tapping angles holes, provides 0 to 135 degrees of swiveling rotation with three front-side and three back-side live tools.

Methods Machine Tools—Booth S-9119
Methods Machine Tools offers Kiwa’s KMH series HMCs, which includes the KMH-300 direct-drive, 30-taper, 15,000-rpm machining center and the KMH-630B 50-taper, 10,000-rpm machining center. Both machines use an integrated, full-rotary B axis and a FANUC Oi-MD control with a 15" LCD screen. Other features include a spindle oil cooling system and through-coolant ballscrews, as well as effective chip evacuation and ease of access for setup and maintenance.

In a compact footprint, the KMH-300 provides XYZ travels measuring 18.1" × 18.1" × 13.7" and a 300-mm dual pallet system. The KMH-630B offers XYZ travels measuring 39.7" × 33.4" × 37.4" with a 630-mm dual pallet changer.

Renishaw—Booth E-5510
The new Fanbeam laser radar sensor from Renishaw’s Spatial Measurement division provides repetitive, high-accuracy dynamic positioning (DP) to offshore support vessels (OSV) and other marine structures. This next-generation system adds greater performance and stability through new control software that increases reliability of its single-target tracking capability, and allows multiple operator stations for situations where control needs to be transferred between bridge personnel. The new software’s advanced target tracking and modeling prevent spurious targets from causing a drive off, while the intelligent clutter rejection capability provides clearer signals for a better understanding of the operational environment. A training package with a fully featured, realistic simulator is also included.

Makino—Booth S-8700
Makino will exhibit its U-series of next-generation, general-purpose wire EDMs featuring reduced wire consumption and improved controls. Consisting of the U3 and U6 models, the line 12 × 450 × 420 mm, maximum workpiece size of 1,000 × 800 × 400 mm, and a 3,307-lb payload. A cutting condition library provides optimized conditions for standard hard brass, high-speed coated and high-taper soft wires. For improved mechanical rigidity and thermal stability, the entire bed casting acts as the dielectric reservoir, reducing machine footprint and eliminating the need for external fluid tanks. 

The line features the company's Hyper-i machine control system, which takes advantage of tablet and smartphone technology on a 24" HD screen. The control provides onboard electronic manuals, instructional videos and a diagnosis tool. An optional dual display screen can be configured for use with an onboard CAD/CAM system.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology—Booth E-5504


Zeiss Metrology offers its Contura coordinate measurement machine, which is said to provide a platform for flexible and reliable quality assurance for measuring coordinate ranges. According to the company, the system is more precise than its predecessor, and offers a large package of optical sensors as well as additional measuring ranges. A robust design enables the CMM to be used near production. Its scanning technology operates on Zeiss’s Calpyso reference software. The Contura line includes eight different CMM sizes for measuring volumes, ranging from 700 × 700 × 600 mm to 1,200 × 2,400 × 1,000 mm.

CGTech—Booth E-3346
CGTech will introduce version 7.3 of its Vericut CNC simula-tion, verification and optimization software, emphasizing the program’s ability to integrate with CAM systems. The software can run as a standalone program, simulating CNC processes with post-processed NC code, but can also be integrated with CAM systems to enable viewing and analysis of cut part geometry. Models can be cross-sectioned multiple times at any orientation to check areas unable to be seen in a solid model, such as the intersection of drilled holes. The software comes in a modular format, providing flexibility and enabling the user to select only those particular capabilities that may be needed.

Toshiba Machine Company—Booth S-9436
Toshiba Machine offers its BP-150.R22 planer-type horizontal boring and milling machine, featuring an extended, 140” Y axis. With a diameter of 150 mm, the spindle provides increased accuracy in high-speed, deep-hole boring applications. The machine features a long-nose spindle head, extending the spindle by 200 mm and providing improved access to the workpiece and stable, accurate machining in heavy-duty applications. The spindle also includes a spring-necked turning option to enable composite machining of any shape along any plane, according to the company. Spindle speeds range from 5 to 8,000 rpm, with a through-spindle option for coolant. A built-in rotary table enables milling and boring along multiple sides of a workpiece with little or no repositioning, reducing production time. 

Stratasys—Booths N-6144, C-819

Stratasys offers FDM Nylon 12, a nylon material engineered for use with the company’s Fortus line of 3D printing systems. The nylon uses fused deposition modeling for tough and flexible unfilled parts with as much as five times greater breaking resistance and improved impact strength. The company says the material suits end-use parts such as interior panels, covers, environmental ducting and vibration-resistant components, as well as tools, manufacturing aids and jigs. It features high fatigue endurance, strong chemical resistance and high impact strength for repetitive snap- or press-fits.

Doosan—Booth S-8100

Doosan’s Puma SMX3100 S turn-mill multitasking machine integrates the capabilities of a vertical machining center and horizontal turning center into one platform. It contains a 90-degree vertical axis and a forward-positioned automatic tool changer designed to enhance operator ergonomics. 

The Puma SMX2600 features a 10 in. chuck and 3.1 in. bar capacity, and the Puma SMX3100 features a 12 in. chuck with 4 in. bar capacity. Both models can machine parts as large as 60 in. long and 26 in. in diameter. X1-, Z1- and Y-axis travel measures 24.8 in., 62.4 in., and 11.8 in., respectively. The rapid traverse rates of the X1, Z1 and Y axes measure 50, 50 and 36 m/min.

Customized features include a front-located tool magazine with an 80-tool maximum capacity, a side-to-side movable, 85 degree swiveling Fanuc 31i control panel with adjustable height and an ATC operation panel (tool-to-tool change: 1.8 sec.). 

Schunk—Booth W-2000

On display will be the TENDO line of toolholders, including the TENDO E Compact which uses innovative hydraulic expansion technology. It has a flexible clamping range due to a variety of intermediate sleeves. The TENDO Platinum line is manufactured from high quality tool steel and can be used with all clamping diameters, has multiple gage lengths, and can be directly clamped, all with its integral, one-piece design. The TENDO Tech line is small in size for low-clearance and offers quick and easy tool changes.

Big Kaiser—Booth W-1600

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling offers its Series 112 EWD 2-32 digital boring head for small machines with tight work envelopes. The small precision boring head with a concentric insert holder has exactly the same characteristics as the existing EWN 2-32 boring head but features a digital readout rather than an analog one. The boring head’s features include power management for optimized battery life, a display that can be changed to show diameter adjustment in millimeters or inches, an IP 69-K seal rating, minimized imbalance with the tool carrier in the center position, and optimized bore depth by a through-hole tool carrier.

The company will also display Big Daishowa brand extended-reach angle heads for drilling and key slotting in deep and hard-to-reach sections of a workpiece. They use 100-mm (3.937”), 200-mm (7.874”) and 300-mm (11.811”) extensions on the standard angle heads to increase reach. 
In addition, the Speroni benchtop Magis CNC tool presetter and measuring system will be showcased. The system is numerically controlled for operator-independent measuring results as well as fast, micron-precise axis positioning. When equipped with the optional Autofocus spindle, the presetter can automatically execute measuring cycles, speed up the measurement process and promote greater precision. 

Mazak—Booth S-8300
Mazak will display its range of machine tools for the aerospace, automotive, energy and medical industries, including the Horizontal Center Universal 4000 and 5000 machining centers. Designed for job shops, the Horizontal Center Universal 4000 features a 15.75 in. square pallet and can produce precision parts as large as 25 in. in diameter and 35 in. in height. The Horizontal Center Universal 5000 is designed for high-volume, low-mix shops and features a 19.69 in. square pallet. Both machining centers offer a range of options to meet varying production requirements, including a 12,000- or 20,000-rpm spindle; 40-, 80- or 120-tool magazines; and either an NC positioning or NC rotary table. 

The company will also be exhibiting its Integrex j-200S and e-1600-V10S as well as the Quick Turn Universal 300 MY and S-220 MY machining centers.

EMAG—Booth N-6846
Emag offers its modular standard VL and VT product families. The vertical turning machines are designed to perform different operations on the same platform to increase efficiency while pro-viding an affordable automation alternative, the company says. 

Also on display will be the VLC 200 H hobbing machine, which integrates Emag-Koepfer technology into the Emag vertical platform. It includes a pick-up design in which the main spindle removes the raw part from the conveyor belt, transfers it to the tailstock flange and removes it from the machining area after the hobbing cycle is complete. Gears with a maximum diameter of 8” and module 4 can be dry-milled at shortened cycle times.

Hexagon Metrology—Booth E-5202

Hexagon will demonstrate its PC-DMIS measurement software, used for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data. Highlights of PC-DMIS include a new 1-click “Quick Feature” feature creation from CAD models, where users can also create Quick Features by hovering their mouse over a CAD model to highlight CAD elements. Contact auto features are created from a single click on the CAD model without using any menu options or dialog boxes. There is also a 1-click “QuickAlign” capability where users can select valid combinations of one, two, or three features to create a quick alignment. 

Haas Automation—Booths S-8119, C-910


Haas Automation’s UMC-750SS universal machining center enables high-speed five-sided (3+2) and simultaneous five-axis operations. The 40-taper machine features 30” × 20” × 20” XYZ travels, 1,200-ipm rapid traverse rates and an integrated, dual-axis trunnion table. 

The high-speed, roller-cam trunnion table offers feed rates of 150 degrees/sec. to position parts at nearly any angle for 3+2 machining or simultaneous, five-axis contouring of complex parts. 
The table provides +110 and -35 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation for effective tool clearance and large part capacity, the company says. It measures 630 × 500 mm and has standard T-slots and a precision pilot bore for fixturing versatility. 

The machine features a 15,000-rpm, inline direct-drive spindle and a high-speed 40+1 tool side-mounted tool changer. According to the company, the inline system couples the spindle directly to the motor for reduced heat, increased power transmission and improved surface finishes. The spindle is powered by a 30-horsepower vector drive system yielding 90 foot-pounds of torque.
To simplify job setup, the machine features dynamic work offsets and tool center point control. The machine also comes standard with the company’s high-speed machining software and Wireless Intuitive Probing system. Additional options include a belt-type chip conveyor, high-pressure, through-spindle coolant system, and expanded program memory.

Seco—Booth W-1564
Seco Tools will unveil several tooling innovations and advancements, including a square shoulder cutter that enhances side-milling operations, toolholders with special vibration damping capabilities and the Thread Chaser, an insert designed to provide high performance threads in a single pass. 

FANUC—Booth S-8919 

FANUC America Corporation introduces the Series 0i-F CNC system, integrated with a CNC platform containing Bluetooth technology and a digital servo adapter with an EtherCAT interface. The company says the interface helps improve machining performance and simplifies usage and maintenance. The system features operability, maintainability and networking options as the previous series, but now offers a compatible PMC ladder to support easier operation and maintenance across the plant floor. The combination of using the same motors, amplifiers and peripheral devices (including a safety machine operator’s panel, I/O module/unit, iPendant and interface unit) as the Series 30i simplifies use and maintenance, the company says.

Sandvik Coromant—Booth W-1500 

Sandvik Coromant’s small CoroMill® Plura thread milling cutters are designed to counter the threat of tool breakage and component damage associated with conventional taps. A thread mill can address a range of hole diameters instead of just one hole size. The thread mill can also place threads closer to the bottom of a blind hole, while more room is available for chips to fall away, thus aiding machine uptime by avoiding the entanglement of swarf around the tool. 

These thread mills are designed purposely for the types of components required in the medical sector. Ideal for both right- and left-hand threading in materials up to a hardness of 63 HRc, the tools can generate threads from 1-64 UNC / 2-64 UNF to 5/16-18 UNC / 5/16-24 UNF depending on hole depth and material. M1.6 - M12 type thread mills are also available. 

Tornos—Booth S-8566
Tornos features the CT 20 machine, an automatic turning machine with a sliding headstock and a bar capacity of 20-mm. Two versions of the machine are available with four or five linear axes. It can be equipped as required with two C axes. The five-axis version can take as much as 26 tools (and as much 10 rotating tools). The machine accepts other equipment in order to better adapt to the needs of the part to be produced. tornos.us

Fives—Booth N-7018

Fives will unveil a new multi-spindle, twin-turret, high-flexibility precision OD and ID grinding system. The new Landis Twin Turret (LTT) grinding machine’s unique design features two rotary hydrostatic turrets with integral servo motors and X-axis hydrostatic ways with linear motor in-feed. The grinder can handle workpieces with a swing up to 180 mm and lengths up to 400 mm using CBN wheels up to 350 mm in diameter and 40 mm wide at wheel speeds up to 120 m/sec.

Can perform OD and ID grinding, process diameters and faces in a single fixturing, grind tapers with unprecedented ease and precision, and do it all with an exceptional level of reliability and precision. 

Features of the Landis LTT grinding system include automatic wheel balancers and a variety of available in-process gauges, touch probes, chucks and work drive. 

Enshu US—Booth N-6846 
Enshu’s GE30Ve vertical machining center (VMC) is designed for efficiently producing small parts in a lean line with either a 13,000-rpm, 30-taper spindle or an 8,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle. The 600 × 600 × 400-mm XYZ travels provides the loading capacity and space required for an NC rotary table. The machine features rapid traverse rates of 50,000 mm/min. (1,969 ipm), a FANUC 0i-MD control and 24-tool magazine capacity. 

A compact footprint of 1,150 × 3,200 mm enables side-by-side installation of multiple machines within a limited amount of floor space to reduce transport time of the workpiece. Overhead gantry access or robot loading sup-ports the automation of multiple VMCs. 

ESAB—Booth N-6129

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products will showcase the Swift Arc SL system, a side-load robotic cell featuring a new tandem Swift Arc Transfer (SAT) MIG welding process The robotic cell, in combination with tandem SAT process, achieves travel speeds well beyond the limits of normal spray arc welding for high productivity automated welding, the company says.

The Swift Arc SL is part of ESAB’s Swift Arc series of pre-engineered, robotic welding cells available in four models: Swift Arc AL (angle-load), Swift Arc FL (front-load), Swift Arc SL (side-load) and Swift Arc ML (mobile learning) robot cells. Each system is an economic configuration for a complete work cell that is delivered ready-to-weld. 

Okuma—Booth S-8500 
Okuma says its MA-12500H horizontal machining center (HMC) is designed to balance speed and cutting power for machining aluminum alloys, cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials. Incorporating the company’s Thermo-Friendly concept for thermal stability, the HMC suits large-part aerospace applica-tions. Built on an integral bed/base, the machine’s reinforcing ribs support a stable, 11,000-lb. load capacity. The machine can accommodate work-pieces weighing as much as 10,141 lbs and as large as 78.72” in diameter and 62.99” in height,

The machine comes standard with a 50-taper, 6,000-rpm, 60/50-horsepower spindle, although optional spindles include a 12,000-rpm wide-range model and a 4,500-rpm, heavy-duty 
model. It offers XYZ travels of 86.61” × 62.99” × 64.96” and rapid traverse rates of 1,653 ipm. The machine uses a 0.001-degree B-axis rotary table, a 49.21” square pallet and a parallel-type, two-pallet automatic pallet changer. An 81-tool matrix automatic tool changer comes standard, with options for as many as 171 tools.

Walter USA—Booth W-1700

Walter USA will feature its new Blaxx F5055 slitting cutter, which incorporates a grooving system based on self-gripping, form-locking indexable inserts that provide cutting force for the tool. The slitting cutter is based on the Walter Cut SX parting and grooving system, which also provides coolant through the tool for optimal cooling of the cutting edge. 

The company will also feature other selected cutting tools as well as cutting fluids and coolants.  

KOMET—Booth W-2400
Komet of America’s Dihart line of reaming tools now includes the Fullmax universal reamer and Duomax indexable cutting ring for fast and efficient machining in hard materials.

The Fullmax universal reaming tool optimizes cutting geometry to yield high cutting performance in a variety of materials, including hardened steels ranging to HRc 62. Its modified cutting edge pitch is said to reduce chatter marks and improve chip formation, while targeted coolant holes promote smooth chip evacuation. The solid-carbide reaming tool is available in diameters ranging from 3 to 22 mm for through-hole and blind-hole applications, with one optimized geometry and one universal coating. The high-performance coating can be used in a variety of materials, and contributes to reduced wear and a longer tool life, the company says.

Komet’s Duomax indexable cutting ring is designed with indexable inserts instead of brazed cutting blades, enabling users to index and replace the blades before sending the tool in for repair. According to the company, the modular rings can be exchanged on and off the holders, and are easily adjustable when necessary. Each indexable insert provides two, fully usable cutting edges. The cutting rings are said to offer longer tool life because they are not subject to the thermal stresses of braising each time the cutting edges need replacement. The Duomax reamers are compatible with the previous generation of Dihart cutting rings, and can be used with existing cutting ring holders. The tools can be individually modified with varying cutting materials and coatings for specific machining tasks.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom—Booth S-9419

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom will introduce its L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe featuring B-axis controllable rotary tools. According to the company, this additional axis of control facilitates the drilling and milling of angled features and contours without retooling or resetting, with a total range of 135 degrees, from +90 to -45 degrees. Rotary tools can be used for both front and back machining. The lathe also offers the flexibility of operating with or without the guide bushing. The guide bushing is installed for machining long, thin workpieces and is removed for the machining of shorter pieces or short bar remnants. 

Mahr Federal—Booth E-5242

Mahr will feature the MarVision MM 320, a new video measuring microscope with image processing capability, the flagship product for a new line of Mahr optical measuring instruments. Designed for the measurement and/or dimensioning of geometric elements, the MarVision MM 320 incorporates an integrated CCD color camera with zoom lens, a 23" touchscreen PC with keyboard and mouse, and easy to use Windows 7-based M3 software. Automatic edge detection allows even low contrast features to be measured, and a Multi Touch function provides quick and continuous variable magnification using either touchscreen or mouse.

Toyoda—Booth S-8519
Toyoda Machinery will show its TG4 universal grinding machine at the show, featuring a multi-wheel workhead with automatic indexing that enables both angular- and straight-type applications. In addi-tion, the machine provides six different wheel-mounting configurations. The direct-drive motor eliminates backlash in the swivel feed for highly accurate grinding at wheel surface speeds ranging to 80 m/sec. (15,750 ft2/min.). The machine has a maximum load of 150 kg (330 lbs) and a maximum swing over bed of 320 mm (12.6").