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Industry Volatility and Gender Diversity



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Digitization, regulations, evolving customer needs and new competitors are only a few of the disruptive trends changing the business landscape in the automotive industry. To position themselves for a future of ongoing volatility, companies in the auto industry face new challenges in securing the knowledge and mindsets they’ll need to position themselves for the future.

Women influence 80% of car buying decisions. Yet in the U.S., only 25% of the auto industry’s workforce are women—half the proportion for the national average overall. Only 16% of managerial positions in auto industry are filled by women, down from 17% in 2009.

EY analyzes the issue and its hurdles in Respond to Industry Volatility without Gender Diversity? Think Again. This provocative 12-page report finds the auto industry aware of the need for gender diversity but struggling to make progress. The study identifies and discusses five disconnects that are holding businesses back.

Click HERE to visit EY’s website for stories about inspiring women and the steps companies and their boards can do to help close the gender gap.

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