| 3:28 PM EST

Is This What the Future of Safer Driving Will Look Like?



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Well, from a conceptual standpoint, probably. Those well-defined blue fields surrounding that vehicle are the renditions of the scanning provided by “Hi-Res 3D Flash Lidar” that was developed by Advanced Scientific Concepts, technology that was acquired by Continental Corp. (continental-corporation.com). The LIDAR sensor not only provides real-time machine vision, but it also performs environmental mapping functions, which can help create accurate determinations of what’s surrounding the vehicle. According to Continental’s Karl Haupt, executive vice president, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Business Unit and member of the Management Board, Chassis & Safety Div., “We have strong and proven capabilities with radar and camera as well as data fusion. However, it is important to have Hi-Res 3D Flash LIDAR in our technology portfolio to further strengthen and enhance our leadership position in the development of automated driving.” Haupt anticipates having the LIDAR system on the market by about 2020.  

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