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J.D. Power’s Top 4 Reasons to Avoid



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So what is it that turns customers off of—or away from—a vehicle?

According to the researchers at J.D. Power and Associates, the number-one reason for avoiding a vehicle is that it is an ugly car. They’ve found in their “Avoider Study,” which “examines the reasons consumers fail to consider—or avoid—particular models when shopping for a new vehicle,” that 35% of new-vehicle customers cite exterior design as their number-one reason not to get a particular model.

Which should be helpful to all of you exterior designers who may be looking for a raise this year.

The other key factors cited:

  • Too expensive
  • Poor perceptions of reliability (Said Kerri Wise, director of Automotive Research at the firm: “Recent safety recalls have clearly caused some consumers to be hesitant in considering certain brands. In contrast, consumer concerns about the staying power of some domestic brands have been alleviated—following a swift move through bankruptcy proceedings—and due to the beginnings of a recovery in the automotive market.” Hmm. . .wonder what companies she’s talking about. . . .)
  • Dislike interior styling (OK, this is your chance, interior designers, to hit up the boss)
  • Bad reputation of the manufacturer.

And the owners of luxury brands note that they’re not encouraged by what are often exceedingly high maintenance costs—which goes a long way to explaining why more of these vehicles are being offered with free maintenance plans.


On the plus side, they’ve found that redesigned cars—like the Cadillac SRX—can provide a reason not to avoid.