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Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells. . .Or Is that a Camaro Car Horn?

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Aston Martin DB7. . .Lexus SC 430. . .Cadillac XLR. . .Maserati Quattroporte. . .BMW 7-Series. . .Chevrolet Camaro Convertible?

Yep. Camaro is the car that has been selected for this year’s Neiman Marcus holiday gift-buying catalog.

This, of course, is no ordinary Camaro Convertible. For example, there’s special paint, “Deep Bordeaux,” described by Tom Peters, Chevy design director, thusly: “The tri-coat, metallic paint shifts in response to natural light. In low light, it appears almost black with a touch of deep violet. In sunlight, a little bit of red and burgundy appear.”

There are a color-matched fabric convertible top as well as a metallic windshield surround to further accentuate the exterior.

Beneath that Deep Bordeaux hood will be found a 6.2-liter, V-8 engine that will produce 426 hp when mated to a six-speed manual or 400 hp for those opting for an automatic.



Inside, things are similarly lush: amber-colored leather seating surfaces offset by black leather side panels and red stitching. Tying the inside to the out, the Deep Bordeaux color is used on the dash and the door panels.

Because this is an exclusive offer, there will be just 100 of these Camaros built. And the price is reasonable, retailing at $75,000. If you want to get one, you can place a reservation staring at noon, EDT, October 19, 2010, by calling 877/662-6276.

However, don’t plan on having the Neiman Marcus Camaro Convertible under your Christmas tree. Deliveries won’t start until spring 2011.

Sort of makes you want to say “Bah Humbug”—except that if you live where it snows, a car with that kind of horsepower and 21-in. aluminum wheels surrounded by Pirelli P-Zero ultra-high performance tires is better driven in the spring than in the snow.