CAKE, a Stockholm-based company, is working toward providing vehicles with zero emissions. 
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This is the KALK off-road electric bike from CAKE (ridecake.com), a Stockholm-based company that is working toward providing vehicles with zero emissions. (Yes, there are some who note that there have to be emissions somewhere, perhaps not just at the tailpipe: But seriously, just look at this vehicle as a study in minimalistic design and production.)

According to the bike’s developers, this was a clean-sheet development.

The bike features a 15-kW motor that’s powered by a 51.8-volt, 50-Ah lithium-ion battery. The motor produces 42 Nm of peak power. The top speed is 49.7 mph and the range is up to 49.7 miles.

The bike’s frame and swing-arm are extruded 6061 aluminum. The handlebar and stem are both made out of aerospace grade aluminum, the former with 7050 and the latter 7075 (which is also used for the wheel hubs).

The fenders and side plates are produced with carbon fiber.

All in the bike weighs less than 154 pounds.

The KALK was introduced at the end of January 2018 as a limited edition of 50 units, each at a price of 14,000 €. While all of those may be gone (you might check the website if you’re interested), apparently the company will be rolling out a production version later this year, as well as a variety of other bikes.   

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