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Lambo Contest for Design

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As Automobili Lamborghini gets ready to launch the Urus SUV in a couple of years, it has decided that it would create some attraction for the town of Sant’Agata Bolognese, where the company is headquartered, by having an international architectural contest to create two works that will be situated in roundabouts leading into town.

The contest is called “Lamborghini Road Monument.”


It is being held in partnership with Young Architects Competitions, and sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Metropolitan City of Bologna, the municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese, the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and Unindustria Bologna.

The architectural objects are to interpret “the Lamborghini philosophy”: “visionary, cutting edge and stylistically pure.”

While the “young” part might give some people pause, there needs to be one person on the submitting team under age 35.

According to the rules, the objects will be placed on foundation plinths measuring 6 x 6 meters at the base; the plinths are to be located in the center of the roundabouts.

For obvious reasons (remember: traffic circles), “The installation cannot be hanging, resting or be connected to any structural element outside the foundation plinth or outside the roundabout.” A bit of sculpture in the traffic would probably not be propitious.

What’s more, the installations cannot “include swimming pools.”

And each must cost no more than 45,000 € to construct.

Lambo is quite serious about this endeavor, because the two winning teams will not only see their installation either at the roundabout at SP255 and Via Malmenago or SP255 and Via Pettarella, but win 12,000 €. And they also get a subscription to Casabella, an architectural magazine. Scoff, but for those of us who work for magazines, that’s the real prize.

(You can get full details on the Lamborghini design competition here.)

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