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Automobili Lamborghini has announced that it has had its best September ever, delivering 738 vehicles.

OK. That’s obviously not a big number. But realize that a Huracan RWD coupe (shown) starts at $212,266, and that’s the entry-level sports car.


The Sián Roadster. You can’t buy one this year because all 19 that will be built have been purchased. Reported price on the order of $3.3-million each. (Image: Lamborghini)

The Urus SUV is the least expensive Lambo: starting at $211,321

That said, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Italy was hit hard by COVID-19, so it really is a testament to the company. As Stefano Domenicali, chairman and CEO, put it, “Our team overcame a moment of significant uncertainty with great flexibility, foresight and readiness to react.”

As for the third quarter, the company delivered a total of 2,083 vehicles.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Ford announced its third-quarter results. Noted Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, “We had our best third quarter of pickup truck sales since 2005. F-Series finished the quarter on a high note with September sales up 17.2 percent with over 76,000 F-Series pickups sold.”

The F-Series Will Not Be Stopped

That September boost put Q3 F-Series sales at 221,647 units (that number looks like a starting MSRP for a Lamborghini), which is actually 3.5% better than Q3 2019.

Ford F-150

2020 F-150 (Image: Ford)

However, for year-to-date, F-Series sales are down by 11.1% compared to 2019, at 589,034 vehicles.

And there are also other trucks in the Ford portfolio (e.g., Ranger, Transit). However, for Q3 the sales of all Ford trucks were up—by 0.6%—at 311,751 units. For year-to-date, truck sales are down 10.9% compared with 2019, at 813,399 units.

Cars Crater

If there is any question about the declining popularity of cars (Lambos excepted, it seems), Ford reported Q3 car sales of 43,279, down 38.7% from last year Q3.

For the year-to-date, cars are down 47%, to 141,740 units.

One thing worth noting about the Lamborghini September sales of 738 is that that is actually more than the combined sales of two Ford and one Lincoln models for the entire third quarter.

That’s right: the Fiesta had Q3 sales of 135, the Flex 538 and the MKT 23, for a total of 696 vehicles.

Ford Fiesta

2019 Ford Fiesta (Image: Ford)

Ford Flex

2019 Ford Flex (Image: Ford)

Lincoln MKT

2017 Lincoln MKT (Image: Lincoln)

Admittedly all of those vehicles are out of production. Still, you could probably buy all three for less than $212,266 and have gas money left over.


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