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Lancia on the Water

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We take a break from our regularly scheduled coverage of things with wheels to point out that Lancia, the car company that is part of Fiat, has launched—literally speaking—a powerboat. Apparently, Vincenzo Lancia, the founder of the company, was inspired by boat hulls back in the 1920s, when he developed the Lancia Lambda. The ribbing of the hulls gave rise to the monocoque body shell.



Meanwhile, back on the water, the company was involved in developing and supporting a variety of other boats, both powered and sailing. For this new powerboat it worked with Sacs, which produces luxury rigid inflatable boats (RIBs); FPT, a Fiat group engine manufacturer; and Martini, which is, well, behind the beverage and a company with which Lancia has had an association.

The boat was designed by Christian Grande, and is built with a fiberglass hull, which is 13.10 meters long and with a broad beam of 3.83 meters. It is hand assembled so there is the appropriate levels of personalization—realize that the boat was unveiled among the rich and possibly famous at the Venice International Film Festival, where it is being used to transport stars, starlets and suchlike to and from the Hotel Excelsior.


The boat is powered by two 560-hp diesel engines. The powerboat can travel at up to 55 knots.