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Lincoln in F Major

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Lincoln is taking the opportunity to redefine what “luxury” means for the customer, which is more about elegance than lap times at a German track. Given the company’s sales performance of late, it is evident that this is beginning to resonate well with U.S. luxury vehicle buyers, and chances are the latest redefinition is going to only help increase that performance.

It’s called “Rhapsody.” And, yes, cue the George Gershwin, because Lincoln Rhapsody is in blue.


That is, Lincoln has developed an interior approach that is essentially monochromatic, a spin on the company’s signature blue, but done in such a way that even though the materials may be different—leather, fabric, plastic, mesh, etc.—there is a uniformity of rich blue.

According to Marcia Salzberg, Lincoln’s senior designer for color and materials, “Through the texture and the tones, we were able to evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and security—we’re able to offer a bit of sanctuary.”


And finding that sort of space is, indeed, another way to consider “luxury.”

“We looked at the color of custom business suits, at nature, how day fades into night, how the sky gets so soft and velvety,” she said.

And speaking of nature, the materials are arranged in the vehicle so that they flow, with glossier materials on the upper portion of the vehicle, flowing down to the soft touch points, all the way down to the carpet.

In the estimation of David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director, “It’s soft, it’s beautiful, and it’s truly inspiring.”