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Live in an Aston Martin

Aston Martin 2018 sales, according to Autocar, were 6,441 units.


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Aston Martin 2018 sales, according to Autocar, were 6,441 units. Globally. Sales in China were up 31%, and there was a 38% increase in the Americas. As a builder of vehicles that are nothing if not exclusive, that 6,441 figure is completely reasonable.

But it seems as though crafting cars the likes of which are thoroughly refined and powerful may not be wholly sufficient for the company. It may be that the characteristics of the brand resonate far beyond things on four wheels, no matter how stylish those wheels are.

Which brings us to the Aston Martin Residences that are being built in downtown Miami. That’s right: they are building a 66-story residential tower on Biscayne Boulevard Way. It is expected to open in 2022. And at this point more than half of the units have been spoken for.

Aston Martin Miami


Noted Marek Reichman, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Aston Martin, “One of the greatest joys of design is seeing your work come to life. As this is Aston Martin’s first foray into real estate we are especially keen to see the tower start to take shape.”

The units range in size from 700 to 19,000 square feet. The prices range from $750,000 to $50-million-plus.

Yes, it isn’t only cars that have exclusivity.

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