| 8:21 AM EST

Looking for a 2010 Audi R8 LMS? Keep Looking



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Thinking about getting an Audi R8 LMS? Certainly, it would be a useful car to have, given that in its inaugural season last year the cars claimed three championship titles and won 23 races out of 76. And the 2010 version of the GT3 car is said to be even better. According to Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Motorsport, “All of the experience we gathered last season with the help of our partners has been fed into the evolution-version. We’re convinced that we’re handing over a reliable and easy-to-handle vehicle to our customers that embodies the high quality standards of the Audi brand.”


A particular focus has been put on service life and maintainability. For example, the newly developed six-speed transmission is designed so that the wearing parts can be inspected through an opening in its housing, thereby eliminating the need to dismantle the transmission to check for wear. In addition to which, the cooling system capacity has been modified to handle extreme temperatures.

But if this is what you desire, there is one, if not two, snags.

The first issue—which may not be a deal-breaker, depending on how deep your pockets are—is that an Audi R8 LMS will set you back 298,000 euros, plus VAT.

The second—insurmountable one—is that you can’t buy a 2010 Audi R8 LMS from Audi Motorsport because the production run for this year has already been sold out.

There is, of course, always 2011.