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Magna and the Seating Study

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Chances are, when you think of “global ethnographic studies” you think of the United Nations or something. Not car seats.

Yet Magna Seating conducted such a study and results have led it to develop two new seats, the Pitch Slide and the Tip Slide, both of which are designed and engineered to make ingress and egress to the third row of vehicles easier (e.g., the Pitch Slide on the 2017 GMC Acadia).

Magna Pitch Slide and Tip Slide

Both seats make use of Magna’s i-DiSC 4 recliners and META tracks.

The Pitch Slide, which is designed for installation on the passenger’s side, allows the seat to be tilted and moved forward, even if a child’s safety seat is in place on that seat. The Tip Slide, for the driver’s side, maximizes the available space.

According to Dino Nardicchio, Global Vice President, Research and Development, Magna Seating, “Key to Magna’s innovation is our ability to incorporate global trends, the needs of the auto industry and the requirements of our customers into solutions that fit the needs of today’s vehicle owners.  With this ethnography study, we were able to hear directly from global consumers so that we can incorporate their wants and needs into future seating options.”

Among the results of the study:

  • People are interested in seating flexibility and versatility. (E.g., Magna worked with FCA on the Stow ‘n Go system for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.)
  • U.S. and Chinese people spend significant non-driving time in their vehicles, so they’re looking for “mobile office” capability, as well as the ability to relax.
  • People want not only passenger access, but also adaptability for cargo.


2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Nardicchio points out that not only have they used some of the findings for products like the Pitch Slide, Tip Slide and Stow ‘n Go, but, “The study results will help drive our innovation process and be used to develop seating solutions and new products which are not yet available on the market.”


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