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Tier One supplier Magna has marshaled its cut-and-sew capabilities at its seating facilities around the world to produce masks for coronavirus protection.

At its European seating facilities in Russia, Serbia and the Czech Republic it has scaled up production to produce 51,000 masks per day, which are of two different designs (one is more complex, with an additional filter pocket). These masks are being set to Italy to address the critical shortage there.

Magna sewing

Magna Seating sewing masks in Mexico. (Images: Magna)

And at its cut-and-sew operations in Mexico it is ramping up production, at 2,000 per day now and targeting the European output.

In addition, it has secured 510,000 KN95 masks from China (similar to N95 mask) that area being donated to hospitals throughout North America and an additional 30,000 KN95s that are being sent to Italy.

DIY Medical Masks: If You Have a Sewing Machine, Join In

Magna Seating personnel have developed masks that anyone who has a sewing machine, fabric and other materials can sew at home.

Let’s face it: when you’re working at home you might need a distraction, and few—if any—things you can do would be more helpful and productive than this.

Led by Frank Eupizi, group director of Engineering, and trim product engineers Ashley Harris and Jessie Moyer, these masks could be helpful to those who are working at grocery stores, gas stations, trucking firms and the like.

Instructional designs are found here and here.

Magna instructions

Instructions for making masks at home from Magna.

The Magna team recommends that once you have sewn the masks you use Google to find places where you can donate them.


If your company has an interesting story that has been driven by a response to COVID-19, please let us know here and perhaps we’ll feature it, as well.

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