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Magna’s 200,000-Unit Capacity: For Full Vehicles

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Generally automotive suppliers—even the giant ones—make parts, components and systems.

Generally, these suppliers, when having a stand at an auto show, focus on advances in the aforementioned.

Which makes the situation of Magna International notable, as it is going to have a display at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens on March 8, and it is going to be detailing not parts, components and systems, but its wherewithal when it comes to building vehicles, whether they have conventional, hybrid or electric powertrains.


Building a BMW 5 Series at Magna in Graz, Austria

“Our combination of comprehensive production expertise and smart factory solutions puts our company in a uniquely advantageous position in the global automotive supplier industry,” says Günther Apfalter, President Magna Europe & Magna Steyr, speaking of the company’s operations in Graz, Austria. “Our long-term partnerships with well-known OEMs are further evidence of this. We employ smart factory technologies in production, demonstrating once again that innovation is a constant companion and driving force for us.”

Currently, at the Magna Steyr plant, they are building the Mercedes G-Class, the BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar E-PACE. It has a contract to produce the Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicle.

This year the operation will have the capacity to produce 200,000 vehicles, which clearly shows that it is far from being a boutique builder.

But all things considered, it surely is an atypical thing for a supplier—although what is now known as Magna Steyr has roots going back to the 19th century, so they’ve been at it for a while.

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