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Manufacturing Money for Mustang Engines

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Ford North American Manufacturing had a big day today (February 26) as the company pumped up its powertrain manufacturing capability with some serious investments that are targeted at powering the 2011 Mustang.

It announced a $590-million investment at its Essex Engine Plant in Windsor, Ontario, money that is being used for the production of an all-new 5.0-liter 412-hp V8 engine for the Mustang GT. (The engine is expected to be rated at 25 mpg highway, so this means power and efficiency.) Part of the spending at Essex is for a flexible manufacturing system that will allow Ford to quickly adapt to changes in the market.


Also, it announced a $155-million investment at Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 for the production of a new 3.7-liter 305-hp V6 engine for the Mustang. The lion’s share of the investment--$121-million—is being spent to develop and retool the plant’s flexible manufacturing systems in assembly and the cylinder block, head, and crankshaft areas. The remaining money, $34-million, is earmarked for launch and engineering. It is worth noting that Ford invested $350-million at the Cleveland plant in 2004 for an all-new assembly line and block, crankshaft, and cylinder head machining lines.

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