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Maybe a Father’s Day Idea. . .



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The number of V8 engines for passenger cars is certainly on the decline as OEMs work to address looming CAFE regulations. While there is a lot of calculations involved in determining the number for a corporation’s average fuel efficiency—everything from vehicle footprint to credits achieved for alternative powertrains—hitting 35.5 mpg for 2016 and 54.5 mpg by 2025 isn’t the sort of thing that makes gas-hungry V8s particularly viable.

But for those who don’t want to give up their V8s, particularly while, say, watching a NASCAR race on a hot summer day, there is a clever option that won’t get you very far, but which can help slake your thirst.


The “American V-8 Piston Power Pack” cooler. Yes, an ice chest that has plastic cylinder covers. Pop the cover and pop in your favorite beverage. The ice (as well as other beverages) can be fitted into the block.

While an increasing number of engines—including V8s—have aluminum blocks, the beverage cooler is lightweight foam.

There is also a small speaker located on the top that, when depressed, activates a sound chip that announces “Drivers, start your engines!” Presumably one needs to have had a few beverages before the rationale for that becomes evident.

Still, if there is an old-school automotive enthusiast who likes to keep a cold one nearby, this could be the ticket.

(And speaking of tickets, let’s take this opportunity to remind you not to drink and drive.)

You can learn more here.

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