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Maybe He Should Have Gotten White Gloves

#Chevrolet #GeneralMotors


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As the Chevrolet Cruze goes into production at the Lordstown (OH) assembly plant, one of the things that the workers at the plant need to be certain of is that the new compact car—which General Motors has plenty riding on—be built with world-class levels of care and quality. Competing in a segment that gets more competitive by the day, the Cruze has to be comparatively bullet-proof when it rolls out of the plant.

Which makes us somewhat puzzled by this picture of Ohio Governor Ted Strictland taken Wednesday at Lordstown at the start-of-production ceremony:



Yes, the governor is not merely putting his thumb on that bright, shiny red paint, but he’d inked the thumb so it isn’t going to take CSI gear to spot it.

He may be the governor, but quality is quality and fingerprints on the surface of a brand new car is something less.

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